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Small Business Week

Small business week is celebrated May 1 through May 6, 2016. All across America small businesses are being recognized as the economic foundation of our economy. When local small business win, the entire economy wins. Digital Technology plays a key role in the way small businesses will grow in this internet e-society . Yet, according … Continue reading Small Business Week

Steve Jobs – Failure is not an Option

The offline brick and mortar world has gone online. The Industrial age, yellow page era has become a part of our history and local business owners  that are not afraid to change with the digital times will be able to leverage the power of the internet and position their business to be found online by consumers … Continue reading Steve Jobs – Failure is not an Option

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Get Your Business On Google’s Map

Local businesses must be positioned on Google Maps to capture “ready to buy” consumers that are actively searching for local goods and services. Location, location, location is the rule offline and online too. The ultimate objective is achieving high placement in one of the 3 coveted spots on Google Maps. When it comes to being in … Continue reading Get Your Business On Google’s Map

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Authority Marketing

Be viewed as the authority in your niche with 3rd party credibility. Your Reputation Online  is Everything! When consumers search online for services generally they feel more at ease working with a company  that has 3rd party credibility. It’s one thing to “I am the expert” in my industry, its another when the media says it. As … Continue reading Authority Marketing

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Instagram, Pinterest and Hashtags

It’s no secret we live in a image driven world and as the old saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could literally help gain thousands of new customers over time. People are increasingly posting images on hot social visual platforms sites like Instagram  and Pinterest, connecting them to people, places and things … Continue reading Instagram, Pinterest and Hashtags

Time to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

Google has rolled out a new feature that aims to avoid non mobile-friendly websites. What does that mean? It depends on who you are, its bad news for business that are not aware of this mobile movement. However, its great news for Forward Thinking business owners that see the economic mobile shift that’s happening in our … Continue reading Time to Get a Mobile-Friendly Website

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Facebook Marketing for Local Business

You either love Facebook or hate it and that’s personal, but as a business owner the real question is are your customers on Facebook?       There are now over a billion active users, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who announced this via The Globe and Mail. With those stats no matter what the … Continue reading Facebook Marketing for Local Business

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Pinterest is Powerful

One of the hottest Social Media Sites is Pinterest. As a business owner it’s important to stay socially active and aware of what’s going on to increase your ranking and attract new visitors to your site. Change happens with all social media sites be it Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn therefore its … Continue reading Pinterest is Powerful